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19 March 2018 | 02:10 AM
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By: Administrador

Horizontal Cooperation Fund

Red GEALC offers a very prompt and punctual cooperation fund that will probably arouse the interest of your country: the Horizontal Cooperation Fund (Focoh).

Its objective is to allow countries of the region to share their knowledge on specific or strategic aspects of electronic government. Once a country identifies an experience in another country which would be interesting to know about in depth, the first one submits a support application and an expert visits the country during two or three days. It is also possible for a staff member of the country interested in receiving cooperation to visit the experienced country to see the operations.

It might also happen that the government of a country consults about a topic of interest without having identified the country capable of helping. Then Red GEALC also collaborates in the selection of the country that could cooperate.


Each initiative financed by FOCOH will be a shared effort of three financial backers:

Red GEALC will finance the fare;

The advisory government will finance the expert's salary;

The beneficiary government finances local stay expenses (accommodation and meals during the two- or three-day mission)

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